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Wissotzky Earl Grey Tea. Loose tea leaves in a tin box

Wissotzky Earl Grey Tea. Loose tea leaves in a tin box

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Ingredients: Blended Tea, bergamot flavouring.

Net Wt. 6.8 / 200 gr.



This unique blend of orange pekoe and pekoe black cuts teas with its famous, luxurious natural oil of bergamot has been prepared according to a special recipe of the 2nd Earl of the House of Grey.


A prestigious collection of the world’s finest tealeaves, masterfully blended, reflecting 150 years of expertise, Black Label is the tea of connoisseurs.

Black tea production is done in stages. In the first stage, the tealeaves, which have just been picked are placed on nets in wooden boxes with hot and dry air being flown onto them in order to reduce their level of humidity by 60%. The temperature of the leaves in the process of drying, the level of humidity at that stage and the density of the leaves would determine the quality of the tea.

In the second stage, tealeaves undergo a process of rolling, which is done manually or by means of a machine (depending on the brand), with the purpose of obtaining the desired shape of the leaves.

The process of fermentation takes place in the third stage, when humid air with a temperature of 250C is being flown onto the leaves. In full fermentation, the tealeaves change their color from green to black. The process of fermentation is 3-5 hours long and when ending, the tealeaves are dried in hot air or roasted in large vessels to reduce the level of humidity to a minimum. At the end of the process the humidity level of the tea leaves reaches around 3%-5%.

The amount of caffeine in one cup of tea is approximately one third of the amount of caffeine in a 200cc cup of coffee.

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