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Theodor Herzl Poster - From Vision to Reality

Theodor Herzl Poster - From Vision to Reality

$24.49 $31.99

Size: 30cm X 45cm / 12.1" X 17.7"

Show your love of Israel with this cool poster!  Its great artwork and sense of excitement are perfect for any room in your home or business.

The design features a portrait of Theodor Herzl superimposed over a Star of David.  The banner scroll under the portrait reads Im tirtzu ein zo agada (the Hebrew translation of Herzl's famous slogan, "If you will it, it is no dream").

The caption of the bottom reads ISRAEL From Vision to Reality.

The top of the poster is filled with iconic images of many of the fields that make Israel special, including Judaism, technology, culture, agriculture, military, sport, archaeology, and more.

Note: On orders of 50 or more units you may request FREE customizing (company/synagogue logo etc.).  Alternate poster sizes are also available.  (Please contact customer service for details.)

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