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The Indictment. The Arab-Israeli Conflict in Historical Perspective (Hardcover)

The Indictment. The Arab-Israeli Conflict in Historical Perspective (Hardcover)

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Hardback,  384 pages

Crucial to understanding the situation in the Middle East is a grasp of the nature of the conflict, as well as its historical roots. The Indictment shows how the Arab war against Israel has taken shape as an expertly waged propaganda war, and how latent anti-Semitism contributes to the world's acceptance of thinly veiled lies. Drawing on documented events and news sources, Auschwitz-survivor Sabina Citron takes a fearless look at the roots of Christian anti-Semitism and how it creates a receptive audience for the Arab propaganda war on Israel.

About the Author

Sabina Citron was born in 1928 in Lodz, Poland, from where she escaped with her family after the outbreak of World War II, later enduring forced labor in an ammunition factory. Citron and her mother were separated from her father and both her brothers in Auschwitz during selection. Although her immediate family members survived except for her eldest brother, almost all her extended family perished at the hands of the Nazis. In 1948, Citron immigrated to Israel, later moving to Toronto, Canada. Citron has dedicated her life's work to bringing to justice Nazi war criminals, personally charging major Nazi propagandist E. Zundel with incitement to hatred against the Jewish people, in addition to winning a civil law suit against Nazi war criminal I. Finta. She now resides in Jerusalem.

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