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M-103 was brought forward by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid. The motion was passed in the house of commons to quell criticism of Islamic Sharia law in Canada.  Many Canadian Muslims and ex-Muslims alike think that the Islamophobia motion is a form blasphemy which may be passed into law in the near future.

The Liberal Government is in the process of a study on m-103 by the heritage committee and Sandra Solomon decided to do her own independent study as well. 

 Sandra Solomon will be spearheading her own independent study and in the process she will be building bridges by reaching out to the Muslim community and asking them for their feedback, their opinions and how they feel about the Anti Islamophobia motion called m-103. This independent study will done in the most peaceful and respectful manner across Canada. 

Sandra Solomon will be reaching out to various mosques, community centers, and outreach groups to ask questions and get feedback on motion 103.

Never Again Canada will be following, sharing videos and pictures of Sandra Solomon's research study and interviews on Never Again Canada's Facebook page.

This coast to coast m-103 research study will start on November  the 15th to February  25th, 2018

This study will cost a lot of money and we are asking for your help. Here is a list of the breakdown of the costs.

1. video cameraman $4,000

2. Travel expenses including gas, car, food, accommodations for two months approx $10,000.

3. Document And publish her findings into official documents to be represented to the public and government - $4,000. 

4. Promotion of study on social media $5,000.

5. miscellaneous expenses $3000

Please help Sandra By Donating to her cause generously.

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