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Recanati Chardonnay Vintage 2012

Recanati Chardonnay Vintage 2012

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The Wine
Recanati Chardonnay is an elegant dry white wine, with a full creamy body that caresses the palate, followed by a long crisp aftertaste. The harmonious flavors of this classic varietal combine scents of apples, pears, and pineapples with nuances of citrus fruits, vanilla, creme brulee, and hazelnuts.


The Harvest
Chardonnay grapes are hand harvested and shipped in refridgerated trucks to ensure perfect delivery. The fermentation occurs in small French barrels. The wine is stirred every three weeks which provides its buttery texture and aids the integration of the grape's fruit flavors with the barrel's spicy, woody flavors.


Serve well chilled alone as a superb dry aperitif or as a complement to fish, fowl pasta and creamy cheeses.


Size:750 ml

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