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Moraz Polygonum Body Lotion

Moraz Polygonum Body Lotion


250ml / 8 oz

This natural Polygonum-based body lotion is enriched with pure Jojoba Oil. The herbal extracts in the lotion assist in protecting the skin from dehydration and cracking to provide it with a soft and pleasant touch while the high concentration of Polygonum gradually and effectively balances and improves the skin`s suppleness.

The Polygonum plant grows naturally throughout Mediterranean lands and has been known for many years to have wondrous skin and hair care properties. Polygonum extract is rich in vitamins, minerals and other antioxidant compounds that protect, regenerate and soothe skin issue.

In 1984, renowned Israeli herb researcher, Eliyahu Yahel, created Moraz Medicinal Herbs to utilize the remarkable healing properties found in thePolygonum plant. Today, the Moraz brand is well-established as a leader in herbal medicinal and cosmetic skin-care products for children and adults alike and is marketed in several countries, including Israel, France and Norway.

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