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Landscape of Conflict

Landscape of Conflict

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Photos and Feelings
Photographs and Narrative: Arieh Larkey
Spectacular photos of breathtaking landscapes from northern Israel.

Perched high on his private lookout point above Israel?s northern frontier, author/photographer Arieh Larkey had an unobstructed view of the Golan Heights, Mt. Hermon and the valley and rolling hills below, which physically connect three neighboring countries into a seamless jigsaw puzzle of contention: Israel, Lebanon and Syria. Acclaimed author of Ruth  Revisited and A Townhouse in Jerusalem, Larkey spent a year living on a border kibbutz in northern Israel. The panorama from his mountaintop retreat proved to be so spectacular that he decided to photograph the breathtaking view freezing his momentary glances of an extraordinary and unique landscape. The result is a compilation of exquisite photography and compelling narrative that belies the turmoil that characterizes this embattled region of the world.



Arieh (Richard) Larkey was born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1935. At eighteen he volunteered to serve in the American army and was sent to Germany as part of the NATO forces. It was there that a heightened awareness of his Jewish roots took hold, and eventually led him  later in life to an amazing change of direction. Larkey made aliyah in 1971. An architectural career consumed most of his adult life, but at the age of sixty Larkey put down his drafting tools, closed his Jerusalem office and began to write and photograph. Landscape of Conflict is his third book.



Album Size. Full Color.
Hardcover,  48 pages.

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