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Jumbo Family Gift Basket

Jumbo Family Gift Basket

$39.99 $48.00

Includes: 1 x 100g bar milk chocolate with nougat filling, 1 x 100g bar 60% cocoa dark chocolate, 1 x 190g bag assorted mini-bars, 1 x 150g toffee sweets, 1 x 25g jelly sweets, 1 x mini Pesek Zman chocolate bar, 1 x mini Kif-Kef chocolate bar, 1 x mini Mekupelet chocolate bar, 2 x Tuv Taam wafer bars, 1 x mini Taami chocolate bar, 1 x package chocolate waffle biscuits, 1 x plastic grogger

Allergy Warning: Dairy Chocolate - contains milk, nuts (Pesek Zman contains hazelnut cream filling)

Size: 33cm x 29cm x 6.5cm/13" x 11.4" x 2.6"

Packed with delicious goodies from Israel's most popular confectioner, this jumbo-size gift basket would make a wonderful  gift for friends! 

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