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Journey of Hope. The Story of Ilan Ramon, Israel s First Astronaut

Journey of Hope. The Story of Ilan Ramon, Israel s First Astronaut

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Alan D. Abbey

“Columbia is lost; there are no survivors”

President George W. Bush, February 1, 2003

Ramon’s life stands as a beacon to those who despair of triumph in a difficult world. This book, whose creation began before the shuttle lifted off into space, chronicles Ramon’s journey from air force pilot to astronaut, and includes NASA photographs, an interview with Ilan Ramon, articles about Israel’s space program and much more.

Paperback, 64 pages

Even more than a year after his death and that of the entire Columbia space shuttle crew, Journey of Hope will bring tears to readers’ eyes.

Pat Johnson and Cynthia Ramsay, Western Jewish Bulletin

Transcripts of the Mission Control dialogue following the first sign of trouble had me holding my breath as I read.

Journey of Hope is an excellent choice for readers interested in Ramon’s training and experiences aboard the shuttle.

Kathy Bloomfield


This account may bring readers into deeper Jewish beliefs where the synagogue failed. Few will put this book aside until the last word is read. It will be more than a best seller. It is the tale of a true hero.

Judy Carr, The Jewish Post and Opinion

This book is not very big in pages but it is particularly good reading for young adults and adults alike who were moved by the fatal flight and may be curious to know more about the decorated hero of Israel.

Sybil Kaplan, Jewish Journal

Get the book. It’s short, concise, informative and moving.

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