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Golan Merlot. Vintage 2010

Golan Merlot. Vintage 2010

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The Wine

The 2010 Golan Merlot shows off bright cherry notes, rounded out with hints of spice and fresh herbs.  Its attractive fruitiness and medium body make it exceedingly drinkable.
Golan Merlot is ready to drink but can be aged for up to three to five years from the vintage.  We enjoy Golan Merlot with any number of foods, such as homemade pizza (try adding a bit of spelt flour to the crust) or pasta with a vibrant tomato-based sauce (try adding a bit of diced Portuguese anchovy).

The Harvest

The winter preceding the vintage combined colder than average temperatures with normal precipitation.  The cold weather ended with an uncommonly warm March and April, causing early budbreak in warmer vineyards.  Unusually cool weather returned in May and stayed for the remainder of the season, resulting in a normal 14 week harvest starting and finishing on typical dates.

The 2010 Golan Merlot is made entirely from Merlot grown in the central and northern Golan Heights, an area that has proved to be very hospitable to this variety.  The wine aged in American oak barrels for five months.

Analytic data

Brix    25.5
% Alcohol  14.5
Acid(gr/L)  5.9
Ph  3.55
Sweetness  DRY

Growth Area

The Galilee (or Galil) is the most northern, and generally considered the best, appellation in Israel.  The highest quality area within the appellation is the Golan Heights (or simply the Golan), the coldest region in Israel.  The vineyards on this volcanic plateau rise from 400 meters (1,300 feet) above sea level to 1,200 meters (3,900 feet) and receive snowfall in the winter.  The Golan Heights Winery is located in the town of Katzrin, in the central Golan.

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