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Elemin Mineral Enriched Shower Gel

Elemin Mineral Enriched Shower Gel

$29.49 $38.99

A multi-action formula saturated with Dead Sea minerals, plus herbal and fruit extracts. This Shower Gel thoroughly cleanses the pores of the skin, helps to repair irritated or damaged tissue by enhancing cell metabolism, and balances your skin’s moisture level for a refreshed feeling after drying off.   

For All Skin Types
6.7 fl.oz. / 200 ml

Welcome to the world of ELEMIN, where the Dead Sea's wonders are at your fingertips...

Elemin is an Israeli brand of Dead Sea cosmetic products offered in some of the best luxury hotels in Manhattan and Las Vegas.

Elemin develops skin care and beauty products that are as unique as the Dead Sea itself, to nourish both body and soul. Each Elemin product is a gift of sensory delight, inner vitality, and external beauty.

From the purity of the all-natural ingredients to the sleek, attractive design, Elemin places the accent on quality. The appealing fragrances and textures are the results of their own secret blend of essential extracts and bio-active oils, developed from years of research, which complement and enhance the Dead Sea minerals and salts.

By day and by night, Elemin provides the absolute best facial, body and hair care for all skin and hair types. All these products have been approved by Israel’s Health Ministry, are not tested on animals and are environmentally friendly. Elemin is proud to display the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) seal, meeting the strictest international quality standards for production and packaging.

As advanced technology deiscovers additional benefits of Dead Sea minerals and waters, Elemin’s laboratories work to translate these into outstanding new products. Each achievement is verified by independent laboratories to ensure the uncompromising quality and unsurpassed results for which Elemin is known.

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