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Eilat Stone and Silver Circle Earrings

Eilat Stone and Silver Circle Earrings

$62.99 $78.49

925 Sterling Silver, Eilat Stone

Size: 0.4" X 0.8" / 1.1 X

These amazingly beautiful earrings feature authentic Eilat Stone set inside an exquisite sterling silver circle shaped frame. A masterful blend of natural beauty and artistic craftsmanship.   

The rare Eilat Stone is Israel's national stone, and is named after Israel's southernmost city where they were discovered near the Red Sea in the copper mines of King Solomon. The stone, in fact, is often referred to as "King Solomon Stone."

Eilat Stone possesses deep beautiful shades of green and blue color and is known for its powerful spiritual energies that stimulate loving feelings and transform negativity into positivity within your surrounding environment. Furthermore, similar to the diamond, every Eilat Stone has its own unique variance of cut, color and weight, so the stone you choose is yours alone.

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