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All-Natural Gift Box with Wine

All-Natural Gift Box with Wine

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Gift Box Includes: 1 x 750ml Adama Merlot Wine, 1 x 250ml bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 x 320g bottle Peanut and Curry Honey Marinade, 1 x 30g Herbal Tea Infusion, 1 x 200g jar Honey-Halva spread, 1 x 220g Pure Honey, 1 x 100g Cocoa and Hazelnut spread, 1 x 100g Apple-Silan spread

This gorgeous gift-box is packed with delicious gourmet treats, ready to surprise and delight your loved one! Together with a bottle of Israeli wine from internationally acclaimed vineyards, this box contains a bottle of marinate and of extra-virgin olive oil, perfect for enhancing your favorite meals! It also includes a range of delicious organic sweet spreads and a jar of herbal tea infusion, creating the perfect luxurious treat for the foodie in your life. 

Located in Southern-Central Israel, Lin’s Farm is a family-owned business that has been producing all-natural, authentically-Israeli and Mediterranean spreads and dips since 1972. Using only the finest natural and raw ingredients grown in Israel, Lin’s Farm produce has the rich flavors and evocative tastes of home cooking and is guaranteed to delight even the fussiest foodie!

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