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AHAVA Extreme Day Cream

AHAVA Extreme Day Cream


Time to Revitalize! Including Dead Sea minerals and date palm extract as well as extracts from Goji berries and Iceland Moss from the towering Himalayas, this Extreme Day Cream can help the skin in ways unlike any other skin care product. Penetrating the skin your skin all day long, this anti-aging mixture of Dead Sea minerals and water is truly a gift of nature.

The water of the Dead Sea is made up of a mineral composition proven to have uniquely beneficial effects for the human skin, and when combined with seaweeds extracted from the Sea, provides natural time-released moisture whose positive impact lasts long after application. The Jujube and Trigonella plant extracts native to the Dead Sea region and included in the Nourishment to add a remarkable ability to moisturize and rejuvenate all types of human skin.

Mineral Skin OsmoterTM - AHAVA Natural Dead Sea Complex

AHAVA Extreme ComplexTM - Winning the Battle Against Time

50 ml. / 1.7 fl.oz.

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