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AHAVA Age Control Eye Cream

AHAVA Age Control Eye Cream


Time to Smooth!

Designed to make the areas around the eye smooth and soft, this light cream absorbs into the skin leaving the area with eight hours of moisturizing therapy.  To apply, simply massage the cream upwards in the direction of the eyebrows. 

AHAVA Age Control Eye Cream is highly effective and helpful to the skin with its unique combination of ingredients extracted from the sea to create the 100% natural Dead Sea 3D Complex made up of Dead Sea Water, Seaweed and the Jujube and Trigonella desert plant extracts.  When combined, this formula results in outstanding and long-lasting effects on the skin providing moisturizing and rejuvenating properties.

Mineral Skin OsmoterTM - AHAVA Natural Dead Sea Complex

AHAVA 3D ComplexTM - Winning the Battle Against Time

15 ml. / 0.51 fl. oz

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