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7Sc™ Cosmetics Organic Cosmetics of Seven Species Natural Extracts We believe in a harmonious combination of health within and beauty without.

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The 7Sc™ Cosmetics formula was developed in accordance with the highest standards of organic cosmetics, which are the cosmetics of the future. Foods that we eat are filtered through several cleansing organs before reaching the blood stream. The world of organic cosmetics is based on the understanding that whatever we apply on our skin is absorbed directly into our bloodstream and affects the function of each of our body's cells and, therefore, our overall health.

From this, we understand that it is vitally important to take particular care about what we put on our skin. We are going back to nature out of an understanding that industrial chemicals applied to the skin are harmful to our bodies. Thus, using organic plant derived cosmetics is the optimal way to nourish our bodies. Organic cosmetics is the new approach to skin care and wellness, based on ancient knowledge of herbal nutrition and its association with beautiful and healthy skin.


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