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Schwartz Wildflower Honey and Propolis Hand and Foot Cream

Schwartz Wildflower Honey and Propolis Hand and Foot Cream

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For all skin types. Suitable for men and women.

This silky hand and foot cream is perfect for keeping your skin soft and nourished! Your hands show your age just as clearly as your face, and your feet work incredibly hard, so it's important to look after them properly. This cream has been enriched with natural wildflower honey, propolis and Vitamin E. Honey has more natural antioxidants than any other natural compound, and propolis (also known as "bee glue"; the sticky substance found in hives) creates a thin coating on your skin, helping it seal in the moisture that's so essential for healthy, happy hands and feet!

Founded in 1965, skincare company Schwartz Natural Cosmetics believes in an organic, ethical approach to skincare. They combine natural ingredients with expert laboratory practice and the special kind of dedication only found in family companies, to create superior skincare products, perfect for everyday use. Their products are not tested on animals and are packaged in recyclable materials, for cleaner, greener skincare!

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